Foot Traffic Couldn't Be Sweeter.

In January 2020, Nectr linked up with FROST to amplify their online presence on Facebook/Instagram and drive foot traffic to their physical store location. For this campaign, Nectr was responsible for managing an ongoing social media ad budget. Taking initative through audience testing and creative optimizations, we were able to deliver high-level messaging to users within a radius around the FROST location while serving coupons only redeemable in-store.

Services Provided:

Paid Social Advertising


users reached


coupons requested


in-store conversion rate

Lead Gen Ad.gif
Lead Gen - Intro Page.gif


Social media advertisement featuring  coupon details and some tasty creative is served to Facebook & Instagram users within 20-mile radius around Frost's Everett location.


After the 'Get Offer' button is clicked, a lead form appears. This screen prompts the beginning of the lead form experience. 

Lead Gen - Info Page.PNG
Lead Gen - Thank You.PNG


After a user submits their information, the requested coupon is automatically sent to their email inbox within seconds. In-store redemption was tracked using Frost's POS (Point of Sale) system. 


We asked interested users to provide us with their first name and email address in exchange for their coupon. Adding a mild data capture allows us to get more precise and cost effective with future advertising. 

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